Monday, 8 October 2012

Doodle has hurt his head.

Oh hello my dear wonderful rainbow coloured friends from nearby and far far away. I must tell you that I have been back to Doodle's home, it had only been  a few days since I had left him to come back to Clover Cottage with my new key.   You see, it happened like this.  -  Several days ago I had an urgent message from Mango mouse, he told me that Doodle had fallen and hurt his head. I quickly packed my bag with bandages and my special soothing ointment, put some orange juice and a banana in my bicycle basket and rushed over to his home on my bike. It didn't take me long as I am a very fast bike rider. I found him there sitting outside his art studio holding his poor wounded head. I ran to hold his hand and asked him what had happened. He told me he was climbing a tree to pick some acorns and he slipped on a slimy branch. He fell to the ground and bumped his head very badly.  He had cut the back of his head on a stone and  had a huge headache. I gave him a big hug to make him feel better then I  put some of my very special healing ointment on his poor little wound,  wrapped his head up in a big white bandage and told him to lay down and rest. I then stayed with him for a few days until he was feeling better. I was very happy to be able to look after him as he had so kindly taken care of me when I was locked out of Clover Cottage . I am glad to tell you that he is alright now and I am back in my own home again. Love and hugs to you all Sherbetx

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Poor Doodle. I'm glad he has a good friend :-).