Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sherbet has had a very busy morning

What a lovely sunny day it is today. I can see the most wonderful rainbow colours dancing all around my garden. Well, when I say they are dancing, I mean that the red poppies are swaying in the breeze, the green leaves on my oak tree are fluttering around, the yellow sunflowers are turning their heads to the sun, the green peas are popping their heads out of their leafy stalks and the black and orange bees are buzzing around, darting in and out of my flower garden.
 I am a little bit late with my story today as this morning I have been so very busy doing my garden tasks. You cannot imagine how many brown bits I had to cut off of my  plants and flowers. Now though they look so much more beautiful and here I am at this very moment, standing in my garden at Clover Cottage very tired after my mornings work but very proud to be gazing at a vision of a purely delectable mixture of rainbow coloured flowers with no brown dried up bits to spoil their perfection. Oh what joy!   I am now going to relax with a nice cup of mint tea and read some words from my wise words books. Thank you for joining me at Clover Cottage today. Love from Sherbetx

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