Friday, 26 October 2012

Mango helps to sweep the leaves

 I woke up this morning after a very windy night.  I knew it was windy because I woke up out of my fascinating dream to the sound of my bedroom window rattling.  As my cottage is little bit old it does things like rattle it's windows but I do not mind as it is very cosy living here in Clover Cottage.
 Anyway, when I opened my kitchen door after eating my scrumptious breakfast of toast made of some leftover delicious homemade bread that Pearl gave me,  I saw hundreds of leaves on my lawn.  My first thought was Mango!  I am saying this because  I know that Mango just loves jumping around in my piles of leaves.  I put on my boots and went to knock on his watering can house door and asked him if he would like to help me sweep up the leaves.  He of course said yes as he does like helping and he was especially delighted as he knew that his reward at the end of leaf sweeping would be to bury himself in the lovely crunchy rainbow coloured leaves.    Love from Sherbetx

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