Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sherbet has a naughty visitor

Oh dear, this morning I heard a loud moooooing noise right outside my bedroom window.  I know that sound very well as I often hear it when it blows in with the wind on windy days.  I quickly put on my boots and opened my kitchen door.  I couldn't see anything, but on walking around to my vegetable garden there in front of my sleepy eyes, right in the middle of my lettuce patch, stood a big brown and white cow. Oh my goodness, what a naughty cow !  She had squashed lots of my newly planted, scrumptious lettuce plants. I recognised her as Gertrude from  Greengate Farm at the other end of Wiggleway Lane.  She was rather big, much bigger than me but she was very friendly. I took a piece of rope from my garden supplies box, draped it around her neck and led her back to her field at the farm.  She seemed happy to be back with her friends again but I was not too happy to see a big patch of squashed green leaves in my vegetable garden.  I must make sure I keep my gate closed. I do love cows but naughty ones are a bit too naughty to be allowed through my garden gate .
 Rainbow coloured love from your friend Sherbetx

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