Saturday, 11 April 2015

The naughty cat is drinking the hedgehogs milk.

Oh dear, that naughty cat from the farm next door has been drinking the milk I leave out for the hedgehogs again.
 I do not know what to do because as you know I love all the little creatures on this planet and I want them all to be happy. The problem I have is that I want my hedgehogs to have enough milk to drink and not be faced with an empty bowl in the mornings. I know they are afraid of the cat as every time they peep out from under the bush and see him sitting there on my doorstep next to the bowl, they roll up in little  prickly balls to protect themselves from him. I must ask Doodle to invent something made of wood to keep the milk safe, maybe something only the hedgehogs can get into that is too small for the cat.  If anybody can give Doodle any ideas for a safe cat friendly/keep away naughty cat contraption then please let me know and I will tell him.
 Awaiting your replies with your brilliant ideas .
 Love Sherbetx

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