Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mango Mouse

Dear friends ,
I just realised that I have not spoken about my dear, little, helpful friend Mango Mouse  for quite a while.
 He is still living in my garden at Clover Cottage in his red watering can and he still throws crumbs of his leftover bread and cheese onto the grass for the blackbirds.
Tomorrow on Easter Sunday I will make him a special healthy, rainbow coloured dinner full of fresh vegetables from my garden. It is no good trying to fatten him up or make him grow because he  just cannot change . He will always be little so I will just make sure that he eats healthy food and stays fit and well . Oh I have just remembered that I need to put a huge pile of cushions on my kitchen chair so that he can reach his mouse sized plate on the table. If I cannot find enough cushions I will  make a big pile with my wise words books and put a soft cushion on the top, yes maybe that is a better idea anyway, he will not wobble and fall off so easily.
 Happy Easter everyone from Sherbet Sheep, Mango Mouse, Pearl Pig and Doodle Dog.
 With love of course x

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