Thursday, 9 April 2015

Reginald Rabbit meets his brother Bill Rabbit in Heaven

My dear friends, I am writing this story especially for my dear cousin Stefani Sheep as the other day she told me something very wonderful indeed.
 While Stefani was sitting quietly meditating with her frogs croaking in the background, she had a very comforting vision and this vision is also close to my heart. I will tell you why.
In her quiet and peaceful mind, Stefani travelled to the other world far above the clouds where her dearest friend, William  Rabbit ( better known as Bill Rabbit)  now lives.  How magnificent it was for her to see him again! She gave him an enormous hug. She had missed him so much as she had not seen him since she was just a young lamb. Then Reginald Rabbit, who is Bill's brother appeared too. As you all know Reginald Rabbit is my dearest friend in the whole world and he is no longer on this planet Earth either. Stefani loves Reginald Rabbit very much too and was so happy to see them and share warm, loving hugs with them both.
 How wonderful that Reginald Rabbit has met his brother in the next world and they are living in bliss and blessings together .
 Thank you Stefani Sheep, dear cousin from far far away for sharing your story with me
 Love from Sherbetx

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Stefani Clark said...

Dearest Sherbert, I am so happy for you and for me that we know how much we are loved by Bill Rabbit and Reginald Rabbit, even though we can not give them hugs on this earth any more. I am sure they feel our love too. I am also so happy that you wrote this special story. Lots of love from Stefani Sheep