Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sherbet has something important to say today

Today dear friends, I want to say something important.
This morning, while I was sitting quietly thinking of all the things good and bad that have happened to me in my life ( and yes even Sherbet Sheep has had some very sad times, hurtful times and worrisome times) I thought of something that I want to share with all of my sheep friends and all my human friends nearby and far far away. Here it is .


 When I look back on my life I know that if the bad things had not happened, the good things that came after the bad things would not have been able to happen, so now I am so grateful for the bad things as well as the good things.
 Love from Sherbet Sheep x


Sheepmom said...

Hello Sherbet,

It is true - EVERY thing happens for a reason. Sometimes you can only see the reason for things years later and you think "A-ha! Now I understand why that had to be." Other times we end our days before enough time has passed and we never see the reason but it is there. Eventually knowing the reasons does help sometimes.
Have a wonderful, illuminating day.

Sherbet Sheep said...

Dear Sheepmom,
How wonderful to hear from you again. I do hope my sheep friends in your fields are all doing well and enjoying their fragrant ,Springtime grass.
Yes, years later I have understood why bad things had to happen to me but I am still waiting to understand some of the more recent ones .
Love to all of my far far away sheep friends there with you Sherbetx