Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sherbet is learning life lessons from a wonderful bird in his garden

Oh dear, I  am stuck in my tree again.
 You see, I saw a wonderful bird flying around my garden at Clover Cottage . It looked very different to my blackbird and very different to all of my other little garden birds.
I saw it land on a branch right at the top of this tree and I climbed up to get a closer look. What a magnificent sight it was . This bird was huge !  It was a beautiful shade of grey with a yellow breast and a  long tail.
 The best thing of all was that it seemed very tame . It allowed me to get really close to it.   How lovely!  It was not afraid of me - even with my funny looking face and sticky up ears ( although Pearl always tells me how handsome I am ! )  I sat very still in my tree and  watched .  Pearl told me that every little creature has something to teach us and I was wondering what lessons of life I was learning from this special bird..  I sat and I sat and I sat, then I sat and sat some more. I sat as still as I could for a very long time .   I tried not to move or even sneeze because I wanted the bird to stay with me as long as possible. Then  my new feathered friend just flew away.
 How sad.  I wanted it to stay forever and I really hope it comes back and makes a nest in my garden.
So, I asked myself what did I learn from my lovely bird ?  I learned patience and stillness and I learned that even though I wanted the bird to stay in the tree with me I had to accept what is best for the bird and let it fly away into the freedom of the sky .  Yes it is true that every little creature has something - even many things,  to teach us.
 Love from Sherbetx

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