Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sherbet wants to go bellringing in a very scary tower

Oh my goodness !
 After my long stretch of sitting in gratitude and thanks that I told you about in my last story,
  I  must tell you that I am still in this wonderful old church.   I was going to try to climb these ancient bell tower steps to do some of my very own bellringing  but  when I looked up and saw how very steep and twisty they were,  not to mention how creepy and dark they look,  I became very afraid.  I imagined I may meet a ghost from ages past, half way up and then what would I do?
Oh dear here I am all alone and I am remembering Pearl's words right now.
 She always tells  me not to be afraid to do something because I may miss out on some really good adventures !   Now I am torn between being afraid to meet a ghost and  following my sense of adventure .  MMMM , what shall I do?   What do you think I should do?
OK here I go, I have decided to follow my true desire which is to go and ring those bells and I will be very brave and not imagine scary things.  I will be glad to stand up off of these old, cold, stony steps.  I am getting very numb in my bottom bits.   Wish me luck . Here I go!  Love from a very brave Sherbet Sheepx

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