Friday, 29 November 2013

Sherbet realises that there are two of him !

Oh my goodness!    I have realised something very magical indeed.
 I have realised that there are two of me and also of course two of all of you too !
 You see I am   I ,
 ( which is the first one of me )  and then there is  MY self ,   the self that belongs to me !!  How lovely!!  And there is you and YOUR self.
 This is wonderful news isn't it  ?
 We are never alone are we.  You see, we always say things like  -  I  say to MY SELF  and  I am happy with MY SELF etc and I may say to you  Look after YOUR SELF.etc
 So you see, in fact,  I,   am telling you, -  that is the first you, - to look after your self which is the second you!!  What fun!  It looks like I will have to be very careful in future to always make sure that I am being MY SELF and not pretending to be anybody else . Imagine if I were to behave in a way that was not true to myself ( unless of course I am playing a part in the village play) . I may lose my SELF  altogether and that would be a horrible tragedy because I would not know how to find it again .
 Love from Sherbet Sheep and his very own self to all of my dear friends and to their very own selves too.. X  -  A big kiss today as it is a X for two.
PS   Oh dear does that mean that I have to start eating for two ,  I am not sure that I could eat double sized meals however healthy they are!

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