Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sherbet had an interesting visit from Reginald Rabbit

Ah , my dear loyal friends from all over the world  Here I am again and I must say I have a very wonderful thing to tell you.  I am sure you all know by now that I have a very dear friend called Reginald Rabbit that left this planet Earth to go and live in a perfect place far far far far  away  Well, I and my self, Sherbet Sheep, think that when I see a butterfly in my house or I see a rainbow  I always know it is  really Reginald Rabbit
 Yesterday I saw a huge butterfly flying around my kitchen at Clover Cottage and guess what?
 This butterfly landed on me,  it landed right on my chest, where my heart is.
 I must tell you that this butterfly stayed there for a very long time indeed.
 I walked around doing my chores in my cottage and he stayed and stayed and stayed,  then he stayed and stayed some more .
It was as though he had come for a little holiday on the cosy wool of Sherbet Sheep.
   After a while, he did start to walk around a little bit on me so I went to my kitchen door and opened it. The breeze made his wings flutter a little bit  and then he lifted his little feet up and  just flew away into the wind.
Thank you Reginald Rabbit for coming to visit me  in the form of a butterfly yesterday.
 Love  from Sherbetx

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