Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sherbet is a little bit worried about the impression he made on the Aliens.

Here I am again, your very own loyal Sherbet Sheep, saying hello to all of my dear friends from nearby and far far away.
 Well as you can see I am all dressed up today.
I am still getting used to being back on this planet Earth after my recent abduction by Aliens . Oh I do wish I was abducted wearing my best clothes as I really wanted to  make a very good impression up there in Alien land.
 BUT as Pearl always tells me, it is my kind soul that counts.  I truly hope that when the Aliens took their notes about me in their experiments notebook ,  they saw into my soul  instead of just seeing  my muddy gardening clothes and my old grubby boots. I would be very unhappy if  because of me, the Aliens thought that all of us Earth beings were muddy and grubby beings instead of the wonderful  amazing souls that we all are,  whether in our grubby clothes or our best clothes !
 Oh dear I am talking far too much, I am obviously very worried about all of this. Next time I happen to be abducted I will make sure I ask them if  I can go and put my best clothes on first, before being beamed up to another planet !!  Love from Sherbetx

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