Monday, 18 May 2015

Sherbet is resting next to St Francis

Ah, my favourite Saint, St Francis of Assisi. How blessed I am to have found this wonderful sculpture of him resting. I am here at this magnificent place called The Hermitage just outside of Assisi and up a long ,winding, steep, hairpin bended road . It was St Francis' place to retreat to and a perfect place for his meditation. I am here, resting right beside him and as you can see I have taken my shoes off too out of respect for my beloved Saint Francis.
I know that he would not mind me being here, snuggled up next to him as he did love all the creatures of the world and surely that must include sheep even ones called Sherbet.
I have had a truly delightful afternoon here with the light streaming through the trees and dappling my wool with bright white splodges. I found my own special places in the wooded slopes and pathways where I know for sure that the feet and sandals of Saint Francis have also walked . I sat in my own quiet meditation and said a few little prayers to my favourite Saint. I know he was listening to me and I am sure he is very good at answering prayers . Love from Sherbetx

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