Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sherbet is finding lots of places to rest after walking up and down hills all day in Assisi

Oh how tired my little feet are after walking up and down steep hills and wonky pink stoned steps all day long.
As you can see I am very good at finding comfy places to lay down for a little while . Those cushions  in my second photograph were just made for me and my little Sherbet Sheep body.
My shoes have been wearing out so you will start to see me wearing my grey ones soon . I don't  have many clothes with me just these dungarees . I think it is appropriate as I am trying to follow St Francis who threw away his clothes to wear a scratchy piece of sack cloth. I am sure if I wore sack cloth it wouldn't scratch me as I am far too woolly but Oh dear, poor Saint Francis must have really wished he had a soft woolly coat underneath his simple clothing . But I am sure that as he had such a pure heart and soul he was constantly being blessed with not feeling itchy.
Love from Sherbetx

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