Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sherbet is in Assisi the home of his favourite Saint.

Oh my dear friends from nearby and far far away. I think you can see why I have not written my story lately. I have been on my travels again and now here I am in the city of peace,  Assisi , in the beautiful country of Italy. This is the home of my very favourite Saint . San Francesco. He loved all the little creatures just as I do.
Today, a very kind man allowed me to sit in his art gallery and have my photos taken.
In fact he thought it quite good fun to have me there and I am very grateful to him as it is a very beautiful place full of beautiful things and there I was, a little bit grubby from sitting around on stone walls and steps all day .  The picture of Saint Francis behind me is made of ceramic tiles .Oh how lovely it was to spend some time looking at the beautiful artwork all around me. I will show you more pictures tomorrow.  I have so many.
With love and peace from Assisi , Sherbetx

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Stefani Clark said...

What a beautiful place Sherbert and what a kind man. So many blessings to be found. Thanks for sharing this with us. xxxStefani