Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sherbet has a new friend called Lara

Hello dear friends . I must tell you that while I was on my to Assisi , I stayed for one night in a beautiful place near a lake and I introduced myself to a brand new  Italian friend called Lara, I hope Lara will read my stories. I am sure they will help her to learn English. Hello from Sherbet Sheep to Lara my new friend. Love from Sherbetx


Stefani Clark said...

My goodness, Sherbert, what a heavenly place, it looks so peaceful. I am really happy to hear you made a new friend there. Lots of love from Cousin Stefani xx

Sherbet Sheep said...

Yes Stefani Sheep, I have made a friend and she is 3 years old and will soon be learning English and my stories will help her. How blessed I am to be able to share my stories . Love Sherbetx