Saturday, 2 August 2014

Sherbet gives thanks to Saint Francis

 Hello again dear dear friends from nearby and far far away .
 I must let you all know that I finally found my way out of the forest . I had climbed a very tall tree  to take a look inside a blackbird's nest and while I was there, even though I was a little bit entangled in the dense leaves and branches,  I was able to look way into the distance. Guess what I saw peeping out from behind a group of rolling hills?
YES, it was Clover Cottage !  Thank goodness I had finally seen which direction to walk in.
 Anyway I was very grateful to be home and to see that all was well in my garden.
 Today I  have come to visit this little statue of my favourite Saint in the whole wide world,  Saint Francis of Assisi.
. I came to give thanks to him for taking care of all the little creatures in my garden while I was away lost in the forest.
My hedgehogs, my frogs, my caterpillars, my snails and my birds are all healthy and happy and I am very grateful for that.
 Love from Sherbetx

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