Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A big bird flies into Sherbet's window and stuns himself

Oh hello dear friends from nearby and far far away.
 You may wonder why I am just laying here in these lovely maple leaves.
 Well, something happened this morning in Clover Cottage and I am here giving thanks that it all turned out alright in the end.
Let me tell you what happened.
 I was in my  cosy kitchen eating  my breakfast of scrumptious, healthy, home made muesli with soya milk, when  I heard a big, loud, single thump. It came from my big room where I read my wise words books.
 Uh Oh !  I had heard that noise before , I knew it was a bird that had flown into Clover Cottage and then had flown at top speed straight into a closed window. Oh poor birdie, he thought the glass was the way out.
I crept into my room and was afraid that I may see a dead bird laying on the floor.
Instead, when I looked around I saw that a large grey bird had landed on my comfy chair right on top of a cushion , he wasn't moving but he was breathing. He was breathing very fast and his neck was curled round into his chest and his eyes were closed .  I was very worried in case he had broken his neck and then I thought to myself that I have seen birds curled up in their nests and I knew they were very flexible , but still I was not sure about his neck.  I also knew that when I have found birds before that have flown into my windows , they lay still and stunned for quite a while and then they recover .
 I was worried as I thought he might die, I spoke to him in quiet bird language so as not to frighten him and I just left him to be in peace while I waited .
 I waited and I waited, I peeped at him again and I saw he had moved his head around a little bit so I was grateful that he had not broken his neck . His long, grey beak was poked into the cushion,  his shiny, black eyes had opened and he blinked at me and looked at me . I was very wary that I must not frighten him, I saw that he was actually a big baby as his feathers were all new and fluffy. He was still not moving but was recovering, I left him in peace again safely nestled into the cushion and then the next time I went to check on him again he had gone . I was so happy that he  had completely recovered and had sensibly flown out of an open window back into my garden.
 Oh what a relief!  Love from Sherbetx

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