Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sherbet has arrived on a tropical island

Oh dear friends how I have missed you !
 I have been so busy packing my suitcase and putting everything in order at Clover Cottage that I have had no time at all to talk to you.
 I have a wonderful thing to tell you.
This morning I had to wake up very, very, very, very early to take a huge aeroplane called Virgin Atlantic to a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean . The island is called St Lucia.
I  was a little bit worried as my seat belt on the plane was very big and I could not see out of the window.
 I solved one problem because I found some cushions and a lovely soft red blanket and I sat on those to  make myself taller so that I could watch the clouds go by.
 Oh what fun!  The only trouble is I don't remember much because after I had enjoyed a truly delicious meal high up in the sky and read a few pages from my  wise words book,  I  was so comfortable and felt so tired that I fell asleep and I didn't wake up until lots of   hours later. I found myself looking down at a lovely green mountainous place and I realised that we were nearly there.  How very exciting it was.
 All of a sudden, the next thing I knew, we were landing on the island.  Looking out of the window,  I saw the sea and the beach and lots of swaying palm trees and beautifully coloured little houses on lush green hills. It was all so very different from Wiggleway Lane .
  As I walked down the huge aeroplane steps, the beautiful weather just flowed over me,  I felt truly lovely and warm, the breeze was gentle and the sun was hot.  I collected my suitcase and the first thing I did when I left the airport was to go and sit on the beach, as it was very close by. I found a  tall, tall palm tree to sit under.  How lovely it was.  I sat there  listening to the waves, feeling very contented. I am happy to tell you that I immediately found a new friend.    I am showing you him in my pictures.  He is a beautiful big purple crab, he lives in his shell and is a little bit shy so he would not come out for his photo. Here he is below and also above,  in my pocket.  He reminds me of my friend Clive crab who lives in the sea at the seaside near the home of Sheila sheep.
Lots of love from  a lovely, warm travelling Sherbetx

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