Sunday, 27 December 2015

The lost reindeer.

Happy Sunday dear friends,
 This reindeer is going home. He has spent 2 nights here at Clover Cottage after finding himself lost on Christmas eve.
 He told me that he was flying through the sky with the other reindeer when a big puff of cloud blew him away and he could not see through the fog. When the cloud lifted he could no longer see Santa and his reindeer friends and so he dropped down into my garden where I found him looking lost and lonely under my big oak tree.
 It was wonderful to have him here as my Christmas guest.  I hope he drops in again next year. Love Sherbetx

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Sheepmom said...

A reindeer! What a happy meeting that was! I hope the reindeer will put in a good word with Santa for next year as you were very hospitable, I'm sure! Did he give you any pointers on flying??