Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas from Sherbet Sheep

Dearest, loyal friends from nearby and far far away.
 I am here to wish you a very merry Christmas and the best new year you could ever imagine having.
 I know the years are travelling by very fast indeed and  I only hope I can run fast enough to keep up, well, no that is a very silly thing to say because the years have gone by already and unless I am running backwards how can I ever catch up, now then looking at that sentence again  I am thinking to myself that my brain must be very tired indeed as it  does not make much sense to me at all . I must try to have a good night's sleep and maybe my brain will work properly in the morning.  Also if I go to bed early it gives Father Christmas more time to climb down my chimney and bring me presents .
 Luckily I have not had to light my fire lately so he will be quite safe . I would hate to be the one to melt santa's boots. Oh dear , I am very ,very tired , I have to go to bed now.
Love from Sherbet your Christmas sheep  x


thecrazysheeplady said...

Merry Christmas Sherbet!

Sheepmom said...

HI Sherbet! Christmas is wonderful but it tires me out too! I hope you had a good rest and Santa used the long night hours to good advantage! Merry Christmas!

Sherbetsheep said...

My dear friend Sheepmom, How wonderful it is to hear from you . I had a very quiet Christmas and I was very glad to have the company of the reindeer. He could not teach me how to fly as I am far too round and woolly . As for the reindeer, it seems he has some kind of magic aura that makes him fly. I do hope he drops by again next year . Love from Sherbetx
PS Please give a hug from me to my dear sheep friends in your fields .