Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sherbet loves healthy herbs

Oh what a busy Sherbet sheep I am , I must tell you all that when you do not see me here for a while it means that I am very, very busy and do not even have time to think of writing my stories. I have missed you all though, my dear friends from nearby and far far away.  As you can see I am here now sitting in my garden at Clover Cottage. It has been raining here very heavily which I am happy about as my garden has sprouted lots of new leaves and my plants and herbs have revived in a most miraculous way. I have been eating lots of herbs lately. I love to pick huge bunches of them to put in my omelette every morning. Oh what fun it is to go out into my garden in the early morning sunshine and come back into my cosy kitchen with a huge bunch of mixed herbs,  I have  Rosemary. Tarragon, 2 types of Thyme , 3 types of Basil,  a minty thing that is very minty but not just normal mint , Rucola and Marjoram. I chop them all up together with some spring onions for my omelette which by the way  turns a delightful shade of green when loaded down with all of those herbs.
 I was a little bit worried that they may taste bitter in my omelette but they did not , they just taste herby !
Herbs are very good for me and I want to plant more and more and more again. I want them to grow into great big bushes  so that I never run out of them.
 Love from Sherbetx

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