Monday, 27 July 2015

Sherbet has a mystery to solve

Dear friends,
Here is a photo from my recent trip to Assisi. I need a little bit of help.  Here I am sitting on some kind of press from the year 1676. It is a very long time ago and it has not even got woodworm !
 Now then, I am not quite sure what this is for, I am thinking it must be for olives to make olive oil - is it for olives I wonder? I am just looking at it again.  What else could it be for ?  Grapes are too squishy and too messy to put in there.  I can see the stone bowl underneath that can catch a liquid or an oil and then I see the groove in the stone where the liquid can run out of the bowl into another container but I cannot see how the olive oil would come out of the wooden blocks after being squashed in the middle of them.  I am very sure it is not for freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice!!  I do hope it is not a torture machine to get juice from humans .
Can anybody tell me as I am only a sheep and I am not used to making my own olive oil with a press from 1676!
Love Sherbetx

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