Monday, 15 June 2015

Sherbet is sending you all sunshine and blessings

Just a quick hello from me, Sherbet Sheep as I am sitting here in the sunshine.
At this very moment, I am thinking of you all and wanted to send you lots of sunshiny, rainbow coloured blessings to start your week off in a harmonious and joyful way.
I am resting here on the grass after eating an omelette packed full of herbs from my garden.
I see that the slugs do not like this sunshine.  I did not see any on my lettuce this morning.
 Oh well, this is a short, sweet message letting you all know that my thoughts are with you.
 Don't worry if you think my face looks a little bit sad today, I am perfectly alright, I am just lost in my thoughts that is all and sometimes little sad bits happen in my mind especially when I think of my dear friend Reginald Rabbit who now lives in heaven.
 Love Sherbetx


Sheepmom said...

Try not to be sad, Sherbet. You still love Reginald and he still loves you, just from a farther away place. So it's almost the same except for talking on the phone.

Sherbet Sheep said...

Thank you dear Sheepmom, It makes me feel better to know that love will never die between myself and Reginald Rabbit . Please send my best blessings to all of my sheep friends there in your lovely grassy fields. I hope they are all enjoying the sunshine. Love from Sherbetx