Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sherbet finds 2 four leaf clovers

My dear friends, here I am with some clover leaves. Now I must tell you all,  and I am sure you know this already, but clover leaves have 3 little leaves. If you happen to find a 4 leaf clover, it is very lucky indeed. Well here I am with a 4 leaf clover that I found in my meadow in Switzerland. In fact you cannot see it here but I actually found two 4 leaf clovers They were not easy to find, I searched and searched, then I searched some more, I focused my eyes into the large clover patches filled to the brim with 3 leaf clovers and then peeping out at me not once but twice were these rare little specimens, 4 leaf clovers. How lucky I will be now, twice as lucky as if I had only found one ! Love from Sherbet x  

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