Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A photo for Sherbet's cousin Stefani Sheep.

This is a photo for my dear cousin Stefani Sheep who lives far far away. She has been walking all alone in the jungle and was not at all afraid of wild animals.  For this reason I am sending her my very own jungle walk picture taken just around the corner from Clover Cottage.  I must admit I was a little bit afraid when I felt ants crawling up my trouser leg but I was brave and survived the ordeal quite well.
 Next time I come for a walk in this jungle I will wear my big rubber boots.  Love from Sherbet, a very brave sheep indeed !


Stefani Clark said...

Dear Sherbert

If you are wearing socks, you can pull them up over the bottom of your trousers and call them "ant socks". Here is the jungle we have special socks to protect us from leeches.
Thank you so much for writing about me and sending me so much love.

Your cousin, Stefani Sheep

Sherbet Sheep said...

Thank you dear Stefani Sheep, for the advice but you see since I have been back from Assisi, I am following the humble ways of Saint Francis and do not have any socks . Love from your cousin Sherbet Sheep x