Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sherbet is dreaming about food

Ah, how lovely it is to just flop down here in these beautiful leaves . I have been working all day in my garden and I am completely worn out . If you look closely at my eyes you will see that they look a little bit creepy like I have been abducted by Aliens again but I can assure you that I have not.  I am safe and sound in my very own garden here at Clover Cottage . The sun is shining on me , the birds are tweeting at me , the bees are buzzing around me , the snails are avoiding me and I can hear my hedgehogs rustling in the hedge behind me . In a little while I will get up and give the dear little creatures  a delicious saucer of milk, I mean the milk is delicious not the saucer !  Oh dear I must remember to write my English a little bit better, I do not want to confuse my readers , I would hate them to think that I am silly enough to describe a saucer as delicious. I know that sometimes my food is so delicious that I want to lick the plate but it is not the plate that is scrumptious , it is the scrummy saucy bits left on it that are too small and runny to put on my fork. Yummmm, I am just remembering Pearl's home made, crusty bread, it would be the perfect thing to wipe all of that scrummy yummyness up with . Ah I am really dreaming here because I am looking around me from my nest of leaves and there is not a plate of food in sight. If I close my eyes for a little while I may be able to conjure up a dream full of my favourite food . What a good idea!    Love from Sherbetx

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