Saturday, 14 February 2015


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY  to all of my wonderful friends from nearby and far far away.
I am sending a whole garden full of love and hugs and kisses to you all .
I myself am inviting Doodle Dog , Pearl Pig and Mango Mouse to a little get together in my cosy kitchen where we will drink big mugs of hot chocolate to celebrate our affection for each other .
 Oh , I hear a knock on the door ,wait just a moment while I answer it .
 Well, how lovely !  The postman with the red van  has just delivered a Valentine card to me and inside it says  FROM A SECRET ADMIRER  XXX !
 How exciting , I have an admirer , I wonder who it could be .
I will talk to you all again very soon, and if any one of you can guess who my secret admirer might be , do please let me know .
All my love and hugs on this love filled day from Sherbetx


Sheepmom said...

Happy Valentine's Day Sherbet! I would love to have hot chocolate with you. We are having too much snow and too much cold but the house is warm and we have sugar cookies so we feel blessed.
Have a wonderful day full of hugs.

Sherbet Sheep said...

Oh Hello dear Sheepmom,
How lovely to hear from you again.
I have missed being in touch with my sheep friends from far far away but I am glad I am more settled at the moment and can write my stories again .
I am sure that if I rolled around in your snow, I may get lost in all that whiteness and you may not find me for weeks . Hugs and love from Sherbetx