Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sherbet is in lavender heaven

 Here I am at the garden centre today.  I just could not resist sitting right in the middle of this
wonderful lavender.   Oh what a heavenly perfume it has .   I just cannot stop sniffing it into my nose.
Ahh,  it is so relaxing,  the more I sniff it ,  the more I just want to fall  asleep right where I am .  The only problem is,  if I fall asleep in this garden centre,  someone may come along and try to buy me, thinking I am some kind of garden ornament.   The best thing I can do is to take some of this lavender  back to Clover Cottage and plant it there , then I will lay down in my very own garden where I feel safe and sniff it to my heart's content.   Love from Sherbetx

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