Sunday, 11 August 2013

Oh dear, Sherbet has odd looking ears.

Oh dear , what has happened to my ear.  The last time I looked,  both of my ears were sticking straight up to the sky.  I am a little bit worried because I have never seen my ear like this in the whole of my life . Maybe it was because it was very windy today.  Maybe the wind has blown my ear down.  Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear , what shall I do?     I know!   I will stop worrying about it because worrying does not change anything,  instead I will sit here,  close my eyes and imagine that both of my ears are sticking up the same way and when I open my eyes again I am sure I will be back to normal.  Please wish me luck as I am sure I look very silly indeed with one ear up and one ear down!   Love from your odd looking friend Sherbet Sheepx

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