Friday, 2 August 2013

A naughty dog called Buddy

Ah, what a joy it is to be sitting here with these pinker than pink flowers. I only wish that I had a pink hat to match them, then my life would be complete !
 Now,  I must tell you that I have heard from a very dear friend of mine that while I was away from Clover Cottage today, a very naughty, young dog called Buddy ran into my garden.  He is a black labrador and there is nothing he likes better than splashing around in water and being as naughty as he can be.
This is what happened next.   Buddy jumped into my lily pond and started to pull all of my beautiful lilies out.  He ran all around my garden at full speed, making a terrible mess, leaving chewed up lilies everywhere,  in the bushes , in the vegetable patch, in the flowerbeds,  just everywhere !
At one point he swam right down to the bottom of the pond with just his tail sticking out of the water. He was trying to pull a lily out that was stuck under a rock .  Oh my goodness what a very naughty dog he is .  Oh dear,  poor pond.   Oh dear,  poor lilies. I do hope they grow again very soon .  I will miss them .   Love from Sherbetx

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