Monday, 29 February 2016

Naughty slugs

You know dear friends , I love to grow vegetables in my garden and of course I do not spray any nasty things on them to keep the insects and caterpillars and slugs  away as I only eat pure food. Just lately there has been lots of rain at Clover Cottage. I do love the rain as it makes everything lovely and green and I do not have to worry about watering my plants. I must tell you though that after it has rained all night long,  the naughty slugs that usually hide away in their secret homes, love to come out from hiding when I am not looking and chew up all of my newly grown salad leaves. Oh dear, Oh dear . I do not know what to do because I love all the little creatures in my garden and am happy to feed them but I also need something to put in my very own salad bowl !!
 Love from Sherbetx


thecrazysheeplady said...

How do you stay so clean while gardening?

Sherbet Sheep said...

Dear Sheeplady,
Well you see my wool is a little bit like the fur of a cat , it is quite magical as it does not get dirty very quickly. If it does get a little bit muddy , ( usually after rainy weather which leaves my garden muddy) I sit myself under the spray of my watering can and the mud just falls off of me . I must say though that I do prefer to stay lovely and white . Love Sherbetx