Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sherbet has been beamed back down to Clover Cottage from an alien spacecraft

Happy Sunday to all of my dear friends from nearby and far far away. Oh I am so pleased to see you all again.
 I know I have been away a very, very long time  and you may not believe me when I tell you where I have been, well you probably will believe me as you know I always tell the truth.
The fact is, yesterday I found myself beamed down back into Clover Cottage from an alien spacecraft. I had no idea of time but realised how long I had been away when I looked out of my bedroom window and saw frost on my grass.  At the time I was abducted and taken to another planet, way above all the other planets in the universe, the weather was warm.   I remember being taken.  I was in the middle of my vegetable patch, when all of a sudden a bright beam of light surrounded me and before I could put down my watering can, I was sucked up into  the beam at full speed and went hurtling through the clouds and far beyond and ended up inside a huge spaceship. My watering can came with me !
My aliens must have known it was my creator Barbara's birthday today so I am very grateful that they were kind enough to release me back down to Earth and to the comfort of my cottage just in time to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
Love from Sherbetx

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