Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sherbet is grateful to be back in his cosy bed

Ah, how luxuriously cosy to be back in my own bed again after spending so many nights sleeping on leaves in my woodland hut.
 I am so grateful to have this comfy bed but  I am so glad I spent time in the peace and quiet of the forest watching the birds. It was so wonderful just to be still and to live right there in the present moment with just the sounds of the little creatures snuffling about in the undergrowth and the leaves rustling in the wind. I did miss my kitchen and my vegetable garden but I had my wise words books with me and a very good wind up lamp which did not need electricity. What a wonderful invention for  an adventurous sheep like me and for anyone who likes to sleep in dark, lonely, forest huts under pitch black night skies with just twinkling stars and creepy crawly things for company!  Oh, now I am scaring myself so I am going to sleep.
 Goodnight  from me, Love Sherbetx

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