Monday, 16 December 2013

Sherbet has been out for a woodland picnic with his new friends

Ah, here I am at last.  I have been out for a very long bike ride into the woods with my new woodland friends.  Oh what fun we had.
We took a delicious picnic with us and sat on a lovely warm blanket under a huge oak tree  It was a little bit windy and a little bit cold and dusty leafy bits kept flying into my egg sandwich . I  must tell you though that I enjoyed myself very much indeed.  My foxy friend who is very wise, saved my life I am sure, as I wanted to pick some wild mushrooms to take home to put in my omelette. Foxy told me not to touch them as they may be poisonous !  Luckily I listened to him or I may not be alive today to tell this story !
 Love from a very alive Sherbet Sheep who cooked a very plain omelette for his dinner ! x

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